• NCSHS will undertake specific Education Programmes for personnel from implementing agencies and teachers of engineering and architecture colleges, and will include semester-long courses and degree programmes in Master of Technology and Doctor of Philosophy Degree Programme in Structural Safety of Heritage Structures.

  • NCSHS will establish an Outreach Coordination Centre, to organise short courses, national-level symposia, roving seminars and national workshops and conferences.

  • NCSHS will set up a National Information Centre for Structural Safety of HEritage Structures (NICHE), as a library service and clearinghouse to collect and give away electronic and hard copies of technical documents on the subject. NICHE will instigate an e-Journal on Safety of Heritage Structures.

  • NCSHS will crusade to create strong International Partners from institutes, universities and organisations worldwide, which are doing pioneering work in Structural Safety of Heritage Structures, with early efforts focussing on international training, visit of international experts, participation in international conferences and international peer review of activities of NCSHS.

  • We will soon update this page with more information.

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